Courthouse Avenue Streetscape


To improve the pedestrian experience, support businesses, celebrate local history, and enhance downtown aesthetics and identity by providing a comfortable, safe, and inviting place to visit, shop, work, and spend time.

Associated Budget Goals

Healthy & Engaged Community – We will promote the overall well-being of our residents and visitors with welcoming public spaces and high-quality recreational facilities and cultural activities that fulfill a range of our community’s needs and to work with advisory boards as a means to encourage citizen participation.

Economic Vitality – We will employ sound fiscal management practices to ensure the long-term financial viability of the Town by building partnerships to create a supportive environment for our current businesses, and form relationships that foster new and continued economic opportunities in Burgaw.

Project Description

Following the guidance contained within the Courthouse Avenue Streetscape Master Plan to completely renovate and restructure the area of Courthouse Avenue. Project includes an improved streetscape with new sidewalks, street, and landscaping with all utilities buried underground.  

Project Location

Courthouse Avenue 


Project Cost

$2,760,180  -  Per projections from the Courthouse Avenue Streetscape Master Plan

Engineering Firm


Project Status

Traffic & Parking Plan Completed - Plan Adoption 

Seeking Grant Funding Opportunities