ADA Transition Plan


The purpose of an ADA Transition Plan is to ensure the residents and visitors of Burgaw have full access to the Town’s public right-of-way and public facilities. It is designed to accommodate disabled persons of Burgaw to achieve fair access to facilities without limiting their quality of life.

Project Description

Under Title II of the ADA (28 CFR Sec. 35.105), public entities are required to perform a self-assessment of their facilities on public property and within public rights-of-way, in order to identify any obstacles or barriers to accessibility that need to be addressed. The general categories of items to be evaluated include: sidewalk mileage calculation, vertical height displacement locations, absence of curb ramps or detectable warnings, demolition and replacement, and facility assessments. Public entities are required to provide an opportunity for interested persons, including individuals with disabilities or organizations representing individuals with disabilities, to participate in the self-assessment process by submitting comments [28 CFR Sec. 35.105(b)].

Project Location

Various Locations

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Precision Infrastructure Management

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