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The Burgaw Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department is proud to offer our citizens the opportunity to honor a special person by donating a tree to a Town of Burgaw, park, or greenway within Town limits. The first step is to read the Adopt-A-Tree program guidelines then file out the application listed below.  

Program Guidelines

Honor a special person and enhance the natural beauty and tradition of the Town of Burgaw by participating in the Adopt-A-Tree program.

  • For a donation of $250 , a new tree will be planted to honor a special person. This includes the purchase of the tree as well as a stone plaque with personalized engravings. Limited wording applies. 
  • Parks, Recreation & Tourism staff will assist you with site selection and plaque placement along the base of the donated tree.
  • Our best effort will be made to install a tree in your desired location; however, Burgaw Parks, Recreation & Tourism reserves the right to determine the final location of the Adopt-A-Tree.
  • The final location will be determined at the discretion of the Parks & Recreation Director. Trees must be installed on municipal land. For this policy, municipal land means any Town owned, maintained, and/or controlled property.
  • Burgaw Parks, Recreation & Tourism cannot guarantee that an Adopt-A-Tree will not be removed if a Park Master Plan or other construction dictates landscape changes.
  • The Adopt-A-Tree will become Town of Burgaw property and therefore we will be responsible for all care and maintenance. 
  • Following the submission of the request form, the Parks & Recreation Director will contact appropriate staff with the Adopt-A-Tree applicants preferred location.
  • Parks, Recreation & Tourism staff will order and install the Tree in the approved location. Adopt-A-Trees available for donation are approved and selected based on department/board standards.
  • One replacement tree will be provided to the applicant in the case of natural disasters, vandalism, or poor growth in the selected area. The Town of Burgaw will also provide one replacement tree in the instance of removal due to unforeseen maintenance or development of land. 

Donors must submit the application listed below for the tree donation program. See the information listed below for the pre-approved tree selection. As mentioned above, you donation will include the planting of a new tree and memorial plaque. 

Attachment A - Willow Oak

A handsome oak with willow-like leaves. Foliage is light to bright green in summer and yellow, yellow-brown and russet in fall. Relatively fast-growing, it tolerates poorly drained soil. Prefers full sun. Grows to 40'-60' with a 35' spread. 

Attachment B - Live Oak

This magnificent, broadleaf evergreen tree will be a picturesque addition to out town landscape. It grows rapidly when young and may live to be centuries old. Adapts to almost any soil. Grows 40'-80', with an 80' spread. 

Attachment C - Bald Cypress

A long-leafed cone-bearing tree which grows 100-120 feet tall. Develops a wide spreading base that narrows up the trunk with diameters as thick as 3-6'. It is one of the longest living trees in the world.