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The Burgaw Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department is proud to offer our citizens the opportunity to honor and remember their loved ones by donating a bench to a Town of Burgaw park, greenway, or public sidewalk within Town limits. The first step is to read the Adopt-A-Bench program guidelines then submit an online request form at the bottom of this page. 

Program Guidelines

  • Our best effort will be made to install a bench in your desired location; however, Burgaw Parks, Recreation & Tourism reserves the right to determine the final location of the Adopt-A-Bench. 
  • The final location will be determined at the discretion of the Parks & Recreation Director or Recreation Coordinator. Benches must be installed on municipal land. For the purpose of this policy, municipal land mean any Town owned, maintained, and/or controlled property.
  • Burgaw Parks, Recreation & Tourism cannot that a Adopt-A-Bench will not be removed in the event that a Park Master Plan or other construction dictates landscape changes.
  • Adopt-A-Benches will become Town of Burgaw property and therefore we will be responsible for all care and maintenance.
  • Following  the submission of the request form, the Parks & Recreation Director will contact appropriate staff with the Adopt-A-Bench applicants preferred location.
  • Parks, Recreation & Tourism staff will order, assemble, and install the bench in the approved location. Parks benches available for donation are approved and selected based on department/board standards.
  • A customized park bench plaque is included in the cost of the donation. Plaques will be provided and installed by Burgaw Parks, Recreation & Tourism staff. Proposed wording is subject to approval. Plaque inscriptions must adhere to 6 lines of text, up to 24 characters per line including spaces. We cannot, however, insure the plaque against acts of vandalism or failure as a result environmental conditions. 
  • Burgaw Parks, Recreation & Tourism will provide one replacement Adopt-A-Bench and plaque at no cost to the applicant.
  • All Adopt-A-Bench applicants will receive a letter  of appreciation containing the following information; general description of where the bench was installed, acknowledgment of the person being honored, and date of the bench installation. 
  • A copy of the Adopt-A-Bench letter of appreciation will be on file in the Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department for future reference. In addition, a comprehensive list of all Adopt-A-Bench locations will be maintained. 

We are no longer accepting bench donation at the following locations: W. Ross Harrell Memorial Park, Bishop Raeford Hankins Memorial Park.

Cost Associated with Adopt-A-Bench Program

Attachment A - Parks Only

The benches are made of powdered-coated steel and stainless-steel hardware. The cost of the standard park benches for Town owned parks are $800.00 and includes a commemorative plaque. 

Bench 2

Attachment B - Downtown Only

The benches are made of powder-coated steel and stainless-steel hardware. The cost of the upgraded park bench for the downtown area is $970.00 and includes a commemorative plaque.

Bench 1