Food Truck Permits

As of April 1, 2021, Food Trucks are required to obtain a Mobile Food Services Permit from the Town of Burgaw prior to operating within the city limits of Burgaw.

Allowing Mobile Food Service businesses to operate in Burgaw promotes diversification of the town's economy and employment opportunities. Mobile Food Services support the incubation and growth of entrepreneurial/start-up businesses.

Applications for permits must be submitted online and may be paid by credit card at time of submittal.  Applications will not be processed until payment is received in full.  

The following items must be submitted during the permit application process. 

  • Name and address of all setup location and property owner (max of 5 per permit)
  • Private property owner lease/written permission for each property location
  • If Food Truck location is within 100 feet from an existing restaurant, you must provide written permission from the restaurant in order to operate at that location. 
  • Copy of food truck vehicle or trailer registration.
  • NC Environmental Health Permit
  • Simple drawing or map of the property and where the food truck will be located
  • Permit fee ($250 per year)

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