Smoke Testing Project

The Town of Burgaw will be performing smoke testing on its sewer system beginning in April. This project will help us to identify any areas of inflow and infiltration into our sewer system and will take approximately a month to complete.  A preliminary schedule is now available and door hangers will be placed at every house and business in the testing locations with the most current schedule.  View the Smoke Testing Flyer for more information about the smoke testing process. 

The schedule is published below.  Contact any of the numbers listed for additional questions.

Smoke Testing Schedule

  1. Wednesday, April 14
  2. Tuesday, April 13
  3. Monday, April 12
  4. Friday, April 9

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

McKim & Creed will have crews smoke testing in the following areas:

  • S Wright St
  • CF Pope Elementary School
  • Burgaw Middle School 
  • N Wright St
  • N Dudley St
  • N Dickerson St
  • E Wallace St
  • W Drane St
  • Coston Rd
  • N Timberly Ln
  • Northwoods Apartments
  • E Bridgers St
  • Jacksonville Highway
  • Batson St
  • N McNeil St
  • E Ashe St
  • N Bickett St
  • E Bridgers St
  • N Lloyd St
  • N Bennett St
  • E Wilmington St
  • E Fremont St
  • Ballybunion Ln
  • Traylee Ct
  • Kilarney Ct