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The Adopt-A-Park Program is designed to promote community involvement, while maintaining and beautifying neighborhood parks and recreation facilities. The program is designed to be a low-key, relaxed and informal approach to involve people in the community to keep an eye out on potential hazards , vandalism and general park mistreatment. Through these partnerships the Town is able to maintain and improve the park system and keep our parks beautiful and safe for the enjoyment of our park users. The idea is for our residents of a neighborhood to take ownership of their local park and improve the quality of the park through synergistic collaboration and creative activities as well as increased manpower. The adopted park is encouraged to be used as a focal point of neighborhood activities. 

Who can Adopt a Park?

Any civic-minded individual, group or organization can adopt a Town park. Garden clubs, corporations, Scout groups, student organizations, social clubs, youth sports organizations, and homeowner associations are just a few examples. Adult supervision must be provided for Adopt-A-Park volunteers under 18 years of age. 

What are the Responsibilities of Adopting?

By adopting a park, an organization commits to enhancing and maintaining the parkland through tree planting, pruning, clearing, painting, flower bed preparation, planting and any other approved projects that will enhance the beauty of the park for one-year period. The adopting group would also monitor the park site for safety conditions and vandalism. Organizations are asked to schedule one volunteer project per quarter to remain active in the program. The program is flexible and can be tailored to your group's needs and interests. 

What are the Benefits?

Volunteer groups and organizations derive great satisfaction from becoming stewards of the Town park system and making a positive impact on the community. In addition, the Town of Burgaw will provide a plaque or recognizable sign erected at the adopted park acknowledging the group's contribution and commitment to the program.

What are the Safety Guidelines?

For the safety of program participants, park personnel and park users, the Town of Burgaw encourages everyone to adopt a responsible, common-sense approach to safety. Adopt-A-Park participants are expected to accept responsibility for their actions, be safety-conscious at all times, and act with care in order to avoid causing damage to park facilities. Following are some basic safety guidelines:

  •  Organizations must provide adequate supervision for participants under the age of 18.
  •  All volunteers must sign a waiver prior to participating, and a parent/guardian must sign for everyone in their care who is under the age of 18.
  •  Volunteer groups are prohibited from moving equipment or creating situations that may be hazardous without prior authorization from the Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department.
  •  When threatening weather is present, all activity must cease to ensure the safety of every volunteer.
  • Volunteers should not perform any activity outside of their physical capabilities.
  •  The use of power tools and motor-driven equipment is discouraged unless pre-authorized by the Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department.
  •  Volunteers must wear appropriate clothing and shoes and use sunscreen.
  •  Work during daylight hours only and drink plenty of fluids during hot, humid weather.
  •  Be alert for the presence of bees and other stinging and biting insects. Apply insect repellent when necessary.
  •  Be aware of traffic when working close to roadways.
  •  Avoid picking up discarded syringes and/or needles, or coming into contact with unknown chemicals.
  •  Do not approach unfamiliar animals or pets.

To Adopt a Park:

  •  Identify a park or trail you would like to adopt and the type of project/activity you would like to do.
  •  Complete the Adopt-A-Park information and application and return to the Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department. You will then be contacted to discuss the adoption procedure. Parks staff will work with your group to identify park needs.
  •  Make sure all volunteers sign a waiver release and submit it to the Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department prior to participation in the program.
  •  Recruit and schedule volunteers from your organization to implement the program.
  •  Submit a quarterly activity report to the Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department to update your progress.

Required Forms: