Setting Up Leak Alerts

Setting Flow TypeEoW - Setup Notice

The first screen you’ll see when setting up a leak alert is to set the expected flow type of your meter. When prompted always chose Intermittent Flow.

Continuous Flow is only used for customers who use water constantly, such as certain large businesses. Continuous Flow means that there is expected to be constant water usage every hour for 24 hours. 

Hourly LimitsEoW - Setup Gallons

Second we’ll set an hourly flow limit for the leak alert. This is the minimum amount of water consistently going through the meter needed in order to trigger a leak alert

The lowest amount you can set is 1 gallon per hour and unless you have a known small leak it’s advised to set it low. Remember in order for a leak alert to be sent, the flow has to exceed what is set for at least 24 hours consecutively

If you were leaking at 5 gallons an hour (g/h) for 24 hours, it would be 120 gallons before the leak alert went off. This is roughly the same as taking six* 10 minute showers back to back. 

*(The average American shower uses 17.2 gallons and lasts for 8.2 minutes at average flow rate of 2.1 gallons per minute.)

Email and Text Alerts

EoW - Setup EmailIn order to receive an email or text you must first add it into the alert. Adding your e-mail is very easy, simply type it in the box and hit the + sign. 

To add your phone number for text alerts, you will need to determine the SMS gateway domain for your cellphone carrier. 

Once you have determined your gateway domain you will enter your phone number just like your email. 

For example, if your carrier is AT&T, and the telephone number is +1 415-123-4567, the email would be addressed as:

Do not add the 1 in the front of your phone number, just start with the area code.

Once you have set up your email and/or phone number, you can chose how often you get alerts until the leak stops. 

Preview the AlertEoW - Alert Preview

The final screen is a summary of the options chosen. This screen will show you the flow type, threshold, reminder frequency and whether the alert is active or inactive. 

The ’alert status’ button must be switched to Active (as seen here) for alerts to be sent in the event a leak is detected. 

After reviewing the information, click ’Save’. Your alert is now active and you’ll be receiving information in case a leak is detected!

Text AlertIf you would like to test and make sure you have entered in the correct contact information, activate the test alert and click ’Save’. This will send an alert to your email and/or phone. If you’ve set up the phone option correctly you will be receiving a text message similar to the one pictures here.


If you are having issues signing up for leak alerts, Public Works can set one up for you as long as you are an Eye on Water user. You can call us at (910) 259-2901 and we will be happy to walk you through the process or set one up for you!