Burgaw Incubator Kitchen

People Cooking in the Burgaw Incubator Kitchen

What is the Burgaw Incubator Kitchen?

The Burgaw Incubator Kitchen (BIK) is a shared-use commercial kitchen facility located in the historic Burgaw Depot.  BIK provides Pender County Health Department and NC Department of Agriculture approved kitchen space and equipment to specialty-food makers.  This helps offset many of the start-up costs for culinary businesses. 


The mission of the Burgaw Incubator Kitchen is to encourage and support the development of a thriving food industry in Pender County by providing commercial kitchen space, business training opportunities, regulatory information, and networking opportunities to small, start-up, and expanding food businesses.  BIK recognizes the historic importance of agriculture to southeastern North Carolina and the value this industry still provides in terms of economic growth, physical health, and food security for the people of our area. 

Getting Started in the Kitchen

If you are interested in using the BIK, please email Cody Suggs at csuggs@burgawnc.gov or call 910-300-6401.  He will help you determine if our facility is right for you and get you in touch with the appropriate regulatory agency.  


Start-Up Cost
Kitchen Application Fee$25.00
Kitchen Orientation Fee$30.00
Cleaning & Security Deposit (Refundable)$150.00

Monthly Cost

Prime Time (7 AM - 10 PM)Off-Hours (10 PM - 7 AM)
Tenant Pricing$25/hour$20/hour
Overnight Storage$100/month
Fresh Water Pumping (Food Trucks)$25/month
Membership Fee (only to be charged when approved tenant does not use the kitchen for a minimum of 2 hours per month)$25/month 
Late Fee (Failure to leave facility at scheduled time)$10/occurrence

  1. Cody Suggs

    Parks and Recreation Director