Understanding Your Water Meter

Your water meter can seem intimidating at first, but learning to read it can save you time and money in the event of a leak. 

The Town of Burgaw uses analog water meters along with mobile endpoints attached to each meter in its automatic reading infrastructure (AMI), which makes collecting water usage data easy and effective. The system can show water usage down to the hour making it easy to save money and water by analyzing potential leaks and high usage times. 

What You'll Need:

  • A long handled screwdriver
  • A small shovel if the grass has grown around or over the meter box
  • Pen/paper or a phone to record the reading

You will need to use the long handled screw driver to pop the meter cover off your meter. Please use caution when taking the cover off, your meter is placed underground and makes a good home for small critters including insects, lizard and snakes!

Water Meter (1)
Water Meter (2)
Water Meter (3)

SpinThe Flow Indicator

The flow indicator, pictured to the left, will spin when any sort of water goes through the meter. This indicator is used to determine if water is being directed through the meter even when everything appears to be turned off, signifying a leak. 

Only water going through the meter will make this indicator spin, any leak present on the Town’s side will not make this indicator move. 

Contacting Public Works

We always encourage our residents to call Public Works with any questions or concerns regarding their water usage and water meters. Education and water preservation are some of the things we strive to achieve. You can speak with us by calling (910) 259-2901.