Billing Adjustment Procedures

Leak Repairs

Usage charges questioned within six months of billing may be eligible for adjustments to water and/or sewer charges. Adjustments are made for inside and outside city customers with water and sewer service with the Town of Burgaw.

Adjustments are made on high bills due to identifiable water leaks that do not enter the sanitary sewer system.


  • The customer's account is averaged for four months (or history available) for an average consumption
  • Only two months will be adjusted
  • The leak has been discovered and repaired
  • Documentation of leak and repair may consist of plumber's bill, recent receipts for plumbing repair parts or Town staff verification in writing

Swimming Pool Fill-Ups

Swimming pool adjustments are limited to one adjustment per calendar year.


  • Request must be made to the Customer Service Representative
  • Customer must provide the Town with hard copies or digital file of the meter reading prior to and immediately after the filling of the swimming pool
  • Customer must provide Town with verification of the pools dimensions
  • A swimming pool fill-up 1,000 gallons or greater is eligible for an adjustment
  • Adjustments made for a leak in the pool after initial fill-up will be done only if the owner produces a receipt from materials bought for repair or plumber's receipt
  • Pools with maintenance problems will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Suspected Meter Errors

Upon request of the customer, the Town will remove the water meter for accuracy testing. In the event that the meter test at an accuracy level of 100% or less, the customer must pay the full cost of shipping and testing the meter plus a $200 administrative fee. Any meter tested which indicates a reading over 100% will result in a credit being applied towards future billing to the active account. If the account is inactive, a refund will be issued to the customer.

In the event of a meter error on an account, the Town of Burgaw will make the correction as follows:

  • If a credit is accrued, the account will carry the credit to be applied towards future billing to the active account. If the account is inactive, a refund will be issued to the customer.
  • If a correction incurs charges against the account, the charges are "back" billed for three years for sewer and four years for water through adjustments. A statement is submitted to the customer for collection purposes. In the event that the customer is unable to pay the balance in full, payment arrangements can be made upon request to the Finance Officer.

Note: "Back" bills are per General Statue 1-52 and General Statute 25-2-725 respectively.